#SecureW2 has a Wi-Fi workaround for Windows 10 Creators Update

As Windows 10 Creators Update notices to upgrade are being rolled out to devices please be advised of important changes to supporting these devices.
If you’ve deployed (SecureW2) JoinNow MultiOS to Windows devices by default, Wi-Fi settings are installed onto the device using a user profile vs. a system profile. With Windows 10 Build version and higher the ability to input Wi-Fi settings via a user profile will fail and user specific data is not saved. The Microsoft EAP team is aware of this bug but until a fix is made devices will not connect using user profiles. SecureW2 has made timely changes to detect this issue and configure and connect the device by utilizing a system profile until such time Microsoft can fix the issue.
The drawback of system profiles is that changes to security settings in the profile can be edited by others sharing the device. Since the vast majority of BYOD devices are not shared devices this should not impact most customers. The best practice however is still to utilize user profiles whenever possible.
In order to support Windows 10 Creators Update, it is important that customers republish and update their SecureW2 software to release 5.2.0 GA3 or greater. Please contact the SecureW2 support team if you have further questions or need assistance.
bron : SecureW2

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